Promoting wellness and healing through Art Therapy

Creative Bliss Therapy, LLC is excited to be among the first Art Therapy private practice’s in Wichita, KS. Our practice was established in 2016, and since opening we have been striving to bring Art Therapy and creativity to the Wichita community.


Our Mission

We use Art Therapy and the creative process to promote healing and well-being for people to find their bliss. We strive to help build the bridge between the creative arts and the healing arts, through serving our community and cultivating an environment for healing, growth, and wellness.


—In Solidarity—

Creative Bliss Therapy exists to serve all individuals, groups, and communities through Art Therapy services. Utilizing the creative arts for healing and self-expression rests on a foundation of respect for embracing the authenticity and diversity of those we serve. We are deeply committed to celebrating diversity and providing a safe space for individuals in oppressed and marginalized groups to heal and fully express their full and authentic selves.